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Hello Veronica. Hope u donít mind me leaving u a message but I wanted to say Thank You very much for the last couple of weeks I thoroughly enjoyed it and used to get up looking forward to coming in every day mostly due to yourself.  We had a pat on the back from ourselves and now itís your turn. I wish u all the best and it would be a pleasure if I ever bumped into u again. THANK YOU and lol.  With love and high regard.
Miss B (Slough) (added January 2015) after a training course I ran in December 2014

That's awesome Veronica, thank you very much
Miss S (North London) (added June 2014)
Thanks Veronica. I'm very impressed with how you have condensed my CV down to one page whilst still retaining the important bits! Overall I'm pleased with it (skills and abilities very good.) and it is perfect for general applications.
Mr B (North London) (added April 2014)

I recently had a 50 minute interview which went well. I answered all the questions and scenarios put to me and was told that my CV stood out from the others which were received, so I was happy with the feedback.  I have since been advised that I was successful and started the job a few days ago. 

Miss McG (North London) (added December 2011)


Before meeting Veronica I did not know the full range of my transferable skills, I knew some but meeting Veronica made me look at the bigger picture and not just at what I had been doing over the past 15 years working in Local Authority.

I had loads of other skills I had forgotten about.

I am very pleased to have met with Veronica and to have gone through the process of knowing ALL my transferable skills, learning how to research jobs effectively and learning about interview techniques.

Having gone through the process I started off feeling nervous but I came away feeling very confident.

I feel this is something everyone should take up as it opens your mind and gets you thinking outside the box. Veronica gets you thinking about things you had pushed to the back of you mind. Highly recommended and you will definitely benefit from it. Money well spent.

 Miss McG (North London) (added August 2011)


Hey guys, this is a great place to access support back into the world of work and I can assure you that you won't be disappointed from the advice, information and attention you will receive. Look no further, I Highly recommend you try this!

Ms R (Stafford) (added July 2011)