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Effective job search is a must in order to start applying for the right jobs.

Look for jobs that you know you can do; either things that you have done previously, or something that you know you could do using your transferable skills.

  • Before you start your job search you need to have an idea fixed in your mind of the salary you want/need, the sort of company you want to work for, the area you want to work in how far you are prepared to travel.
  • Be prepared to travel a bit. Generally it is expected that you have at least one hour each way on a good day.
  • Once you have a good idea in your mind of what you want, you can start looking for your perfect job.
  • If you are mostly using the Internet for your job search, you could still use the phone to call agencies and keep in contact with friends and doing some networking
  • If you are not using the Internet, then newspapers, shop windows, the job machines at the job centres, libraries and networking are the best option.
  • If you like the sound of a job but are not sure about it, call the employer to have a quick chat with HR/Personnel. It shows that you are keen and pro-active. If you are invited to an interview, they already know you briefly from your phone call.

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