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This is the most important document you are going to need during your search for work. Whether you are registering with employment agencies, answering adverts in the paper, processing on-line applications or completing in application forms.


The CV is a document about your achievements, skills, knowledge and work related experiences. Itís the first stage in the job hunting process and a professional way of introducing yourself to a potential employer. It is whatís in your CV and how itís displayed that helps the employer make the decision whether you are a possible candidate for the job. This is why it is so important to get all the relevant information about your skills, abilities, experience and potential on the CV.

If you get it wrong, you wonít get an interview!

  • Tailor your CV to each company and application. Do some research on the company,  itsí product, the company structure etc. Most companies these days have a web site which is full of useful information.
  • Make a rough draft of relevant work experience. Donít underestimate your achievements and skills.
  • An employer may only take 10 Ė 30 seconds reading your CV.
  • Donít risk making mistakes.

If you need a completely new CV, or your old one is in need of an overhaul and re-design, then contact me for a quote via the contact page