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Have you been sending off loads of application forms for jobs you have the experience and qualifications for, with no success?

More people fall at this hurdle more than any other because they do not know how to complete an application form correctly and are not spending enough time and care to do it properly.

In order to get a positive result from an application form, e.g. an interview, you need to spend anything up to four to five hours (the best part of a day) completing it.

As the majority of application forms are on-line these days it does mean that you have to dedicate the time to sit at your pc to do this.

 Looking for work IS A FULL TIME JOB.

  There is a format that must be used to complete a strong, effective application    form and you need to know what the format is if you are going to be successful at getting interviews.

Before starting to complete the application form, you must take time to read the:-

  • Person Specification Essential Criteria as these tell you what the employer is looking for in your experience, skills, knowledge and qualifications.
  • Preferably you should be able to say yes to all of the essential criteria, but as this rarely happens, as long as you can say yes to nine out of ten of the essential criteria, and explain how you would approach the one you cannot say yes to, you should be ok. 
  • The Person Specification is the part of the application form that informs you what the employer is looking for.  
  • The Essential Criteria are what tell you whether or not it is worth you taking time to complete the application form in the first place.
  • The Desirable Criteria – these are extra skills that would be great if you had but you can still apply if you don’t. You still have to cover them on the form though – by telling them how you approach each criterion.
  • Essential skills and experience you must have.

  • Desirable it would be nice if you have these as an added extra.

By choosing to work with me on application forms, you can learn all the tools, information and confidence you need to complete a successful application form and start getting interviews.

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