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Job hunting blog .


Simplify your life, achieve your goals



If you are looking for work, let me give you a boost and a helping hand.

I will coach you to being successful in finding that perfect, dream job.

If you have just been made redundant or are facing redundancy, I can work with you to get you where you want to be back into work!

A qualified Employment and Life Coach with 15 years experience of working with unemployed people from all walks of life, helping them to return to work and facilitating a change in their lives.

A member of the IEP - Institute of Employability Professionals.

Extensive experience, knowledge and ability in:

  • Building strong, positive and effective CVs
  • Recognising skills and transferable skills
  • Effective job search
  • Writing application forms
  • Interview techniques
  • Setting goals and strategies
  • Changing  careers
  • Surviving redundancy and unemployment
  • Building confidence and self esteem


If you are fed with up being at home, then contact me now for a quote and to find out how I can show you the best ways to change your life.

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